Light Painting Photography Tutorial

Light Painting in Automotive Photography.

Light Painting is a method of lighting a subject using a constant light source, and a long exposure. I’ve been lighting cars like this for a few years now and learnt the technique through trial and error, patience and more trial and error over the years..

Recently, I was asked if would show a fellow photographer how I went about Lightpainting a car, what tools were used and how I’d get to the final result – so I showed him in a live tutorial.

The Tutorial covers:

Basic composition techniques to setup the shot
Choosing the right location
How the Light painting equipment works, and most importantly
How to light the subject.

From there we then went through how I go about editing the exposures prior to layering them up in Photoshop. We covered more advanced Photoshop Techniques such as layering, adjustments layers, layer masks, layer types… and much more.

Below are a few sample images from the Light painting process, the Photoshop process and the final result.

Then we have a few examples of my Light painting portfolio to show what can be achieved using this technique.

So, If you’re interested in doing a tutorial yourself - get in touch