Automotive Photography
Automotive Photography

Arrange a Photoshoot with your own car

What you get:
Is a full set of images which cover: a number of external photos, interior photos and detail shots of those special bits which make your car unique

What happens on a photoshoot:

We’ll meet at a suitable photographic location - I can find the location and travel to you no matter where you are. We’ll typically spend 3-4 Hours on location photographing the vehicle in a few positions, covering details, interior, Engine bay etc until everything is covered.

After that you’re done, it’s home time! I’ll then take the shots back to the office to professionally retouch them and add the magic which brings them to life.

All of the photographs are provided on disc for you to print and share as you wish too.

All this from £149!

Please get in touch to arrange a ‘shoot, tell me a little bit about yourself, the car, your location and a date when we could make all this happen. Just email:

Automotive Photography
Architectural Photography
Architectural Photography

Have you a building project you’d like photographed? Take a look through the portfolio and see the quality of imagery delivered for each project.

What you get is:
High quality imagery
Key viewpoints well composed
We’ll take account of the time of day so the natural lighting suits the particular viewpoint.
A variety of viewpoints will be covered so the key spaces both internally and externally are covered in their entirety.
Night/dusk shots can be undertaken
The images are then personally sorted and retouched to the same standards as the work in my portfolio

All the high resolution images are then sorted and edited personally before being supplied electronically for you to use them as you wish, be it in Print, Sales, Presentation or Web.. that bit is up to you.

Any manor of building development can be undertaken, be it a Public Museum, Private Housing, Commercial, Hotel, School’s, Academy’s, Further Education and anything in between.

For more information, availability and prices email:

Architectural Photography
3D Visuals
3D Visuals

With over 10 years personal experience in the 3D industry PGDesigns is perfectly suited to handle your project.

We can work from your current building model, be it AutoCAD, ArchiCAD or Sketchup and bring your vision to life with realistic rendering, lighting and photo retouching techniques.

If your project isn’t in 3D already then working from blueprints or 2D drawings is not a problem either.

Photomontages can be undertaken; composing your virtual model onto a photograph making your project look like it's really there. This can be very handy for Architectural projects where public information or planning applications are underway.

Animations, Fly rounds or Walkthrough's, Exploded details or Section Cutaways, Concept Design and development or Technical & Information illustration also welcome.

Ideal for presentation or marketing material, public information, planning applications and much more.

Prices are tailored to suit your individual project requirements so please get in touch with your project ideas and we’ll get back to as soon as possible.

3D Visuals
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

I love photographing Wedddings!

There’s something about a day where everyone’s pleased to be there, in a great location and everyone is ready to have a good time. It’s great!

The rate is simple - £700 for cover all day, from getting ready in the morning right through to the fun fuelled dancing later on. All the photos are then sifted through, edited and supplied electronically on a nicely presented USB stick.

That way you’re free to use them however you want. Make an album, make an album for your Mum, hang them on the wall, add them to your facebook – the choice is yours.

Get in-touch to make your booking today.

Wedding Photography
Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography

Now we all know there is a thousand options out there for studio shots of the family and kids. The same old: Lay on this reflective white flooring in front of this big white screen and everyone say Cheese.. Well if that’s what you want you have a thousand options out there - if not, read on.

We go for the Natural look here, on location - capturing your kids playing and having real fun out in the open. Its great fun too!

This way the background is varied so the shots don’t all look the same, they reflect the time of year and season, and being local the location will mean something to you too.

Photos like this make great gifts to other family members and relatives, imagine how much Grandma would love to see one on the wall! We can sort out photo albums, coffee table books, framed photos, Canvas prints… anything like that – just ask if your interested.


How a photoshoot works:
Once we’ve arranged a suitable date for us both we’ll meet at a location of your choice, or near to you.
We’ll then mess around for a bit and do a short walk while taking photos – and that’s it, simple ay.

After the shoot all the images are personally sifted through and processed personally by myself. When they are ready all the photos will then be supplied to you on disc to keep, treasure and print as you wish.

Prices start from as little as £80 and rise to £150 for the full works. Get in touch to find out more now.

Portrait Photography