First point Office building – Doncaster

Architectural Photography

Here’s a few examples from a recent Architectural Photography visit to the newly built ‘First Point’ office development in Doncaster

The new office development is located just off Junction 3 of the M18, so it’s really easy to get to. The modern design and the select choice of materials make this building rather unique.

The pale white and grey skies of the day however, didn’t make things too easy for photography work. The flat tones of the muted sky bring little in the way of contrast to the sharp lines of the building. But with a little digital retouching this has all changed, contrast to the leading edges is there, and the sky has been swapped for the fluffy blue variants we all like to see too!

This was also test bed for the new Camera gear too, being my first trial with the new Canon 6D, fitted with a Canon 17mm TS-E (Tilt Shift) Lens, and 1.4III Extender.

Architectural Photography, by Phil Grayston