Shirebrook Academy

Architectural Photography by Phil Grayston

Shirebrook Academy is located a few miles north of Mansfield town, Nottinghamshire, and was completed back in April 2013.  Now that the landscaping has had the opportunity to flourish, I went along to get some photographs.

The weather was excellent for this architectural photo shoot, which really helps with both shooting, and editing. So all of the skies in this set are ‘as shot’, bar a little exposure bracketing with the dusk shots.

A Canon 17mm TS-E lens was used throughout the shoot, teamed up with a Canon 1.4III Extender when required. All images are then edited personally with Adobe Camera RAW editor, then Photoshop.

If you have any questions about this photo shoot, or you’d like to enquire about arranging a ‘shoot of your own then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s the photos: