Vickie and Lee's Wedding, Feb 2016

We kicked things off with a box full of bacon sandwiches for everyone - what a way to start the day! That went down very well I can tell you!

The ceremony, held at Christ Church South Ossett was perfect, even the weather was kind to us too - being mostly bright yet cold. The classic Rolls Royce wedding car looked stunning, and added a little drama to the ceremony too. As it picked up a puncture during the ceremony! However, this was dealt with so quickly by the rollshire crew that it didn’t interfere with the day at all - apart from becoming a nice little story to tell.

After the ceremony the wedding party headed up to 315 Bar and Restaurant in Lepton, Huddersfield. It's just a 10 minute drive away and I was lucky enough to get a ride up in that lovely Roll's, which of course had me grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Up at 315 the room is really nicely turned out, the food is great too. Sunset saw a nice little break in the cloud cover, so I quickly gathered the bride and groom up and headed outside for a few shots. We only had a couple of minutes with the rich golden sunlight before the cloud cover took over once again. Then it was straight into the speeches and crazy dancing! We did have a little fun with some sparklers later in the evening too.

We had a fantastic day; here are my favourite photos from the day. Oh, and a fantastic little Thank you card – how nice is that!?