Totally Tipi 100 Smiles event photography

'The 100 Smiles campaign to say ‘thank you’ and give individuals who devote their time to making others happy a totally awesome party'


The event was focussed on bringing people who have made a positive impact on other peoples lives together, celebrating their kindness and allowing them to let their hair down. And to be fair, by hosting an event like this and rewarding these good people in such a way, I'd have to think the guys at Totally Tipi need nominating as well!

As you can see the event was held inside 4 giant Tipi's, placed just outside the very reputable 3 acres restaurant near Huddersfield. The Tipi's accomodated the 100+ guests, dance floor and live band with great ease. It was a very windy evening up on the hills too (and mid October), and the Tipi's coped with the weather without a problem. If fact you could barely tell it was so windy outside as you sat comfortably inside, toasty and warm.

I was commisioned to take photos of the event as it unfolded. Capturing the 5 chosen smilemakers as they collected their very well presented certificates, plus the general happy feeling of the event. Scroll down to see the photos, and feel free to let me know what you think to them.

Here's a lovely testimonial they wrote for me:

Phil was recommended to us by a trusted colleague in 2013 and we’ve been pleased to work with him since. Phil’s style of photography not only captures the scale and quality of our glorious Giants but most importantly to us, the FEELING that our events create. He always takes the time to fulfil any brief we give him and has an effortless understanding of what we want to convey through the pictures we share.

Click this way for a much better write up than I can muster, plus more photos Here

Thanks for reading, onto the photos: